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SMU Arts Camp 2018: Rewind

This year, we have a story to tell. A story of the arts through the ages. Whether you have been actively engaged in the arts community or have never been part of an experience quite like this before, we have a story for you.

SMU Arts Camp, organised by SMU Arts and Cultural Fraternity, is a 3-day annual summer camp to expose freshmen to the arts community in the school. With as many as 23 clubs representing the arts and cultural scene of SMU, freshmen will be given exclusive insights to the various visual, vocal, cultural, instrumental, literary, production and dance art forms. From first-hand interactions in workshops, to numerous showcases curated by our very own practitioners of the art – this will be nothing short of a sensorial journey to remember.

So be prepared to transport yourself into another dimension. The world of arts is about to unfold before your eyes.

Earlier Event: February 9