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Established in 2013, SMUFM is a street style dance club that specialises in popping and locking. SMUFM strives to establish a thriving funk-style street dance culture in SMU while upholding 3 core values – Respect, Humility and Discipline. SMUFM offers growth opportunities for their members through their internal battle events and their signature event – Funky Town.



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Key Events

Initiation and Coming of Age - internal battles serving as an annual milestone checks for members’ growth

Annual production - where we showcase the club to the public

Our Trainings


Who conducts regular training for the club?

Our resident popping instructor is Nic Ho, a highly experienced popping instructor and the man behind the annual local Popping event, Marksman.
Our resident locking instructor is Fong, a member of the crew The Basic Fives and one of the OG lockers who spread the locking dance style in our local street dance community.

Can we join the club with no dance experience at all?

Yes, we get this question all the time - five words: no fear, FM is here! We support everyone who has the courage to step out of their comfort zones.

What is the recruitment process like?

Two components: auditions and interviews. But don’t worry, we are very welcoming people. Our seniors will be there to guide you during auditions and the interviews are just a way for us to get to know you better! No judgment! So just come with an open mind and treat it as a learning experience.

What are the commitments of FM?

Regular trainings take place twice a week on Monday and Thursday evenings. However, we do encourage members to dance and explore even outside of training hours, as a way to destress rather than a form of commitment (and that is why you find us at T-junction all the time at odd hours of the day dancing together). Frequency and intensity of trainings increase in the lead up to performances which happen throughout the year, but it is not compulsory and you can sign up based on your interest and commitment ability.

Is it very challenging to get used to the funk style and culture?

It may appear intimidating and take some time to get used to at the start due to the unfamiliarity, but what is university life without stepping out of our comfort zone right? Most importantly, I think most of our members can vouch for the fact that this step out of the comfort zone is very much a memorable and enjoyable one that you will not be able to find elsewhere. With time, as well as support from seniors and batch mates, we all learn to appreciate this club for all that it is - and we believe you will too!