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Established in 2004, Artdicted is SMU's visual arts club. Set up with a mission to foster art appreciation, the club engages the SMU community through a myriad of art-related events. Some of the activities include watercolour workshops and art jam sessions, all designed to encourage creativity and increase arts awareness. 


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No fixed meetings or training days. This would be based on the event schedule. The venue would be in SMU campus.


 On average, there will be one event per month.


Date, venue and timing of regular meetings / trainings per week:

“The best thing about Artdicted is the freedom of expression. The freedom to be yourself and how you want to express your art work. There are endless boundaries in Artdicted which has enabled me to explore various kinds of art and relieve stress.” -Rachel Tham / Member / School of Business / Year 3

“ Everyone here is supportive and very passionate about the arts. Aside from holding art workshops, Artdicted has been very proactive in sharing art-related events. This has greatly contributed to a unique and memorable aspect of my SMU experience.” -Maple Tan / Member / School of Economics / Year 2


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