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SMU Chamber Choir (SMUCC) was formed by five enthusiastic choristers in 2007. Since its founding, SMUCC has grown in strength and has become one of the most prestigious arts clubs in SMU. With the steady support of like-minded peers, alumni, and dedicated trainers, it is a place where musical skills are refined, and passions are ignited. In recognition of the Choir's contributions to student life, SMUCC was awarded the SMU University Student Life 'Bronze' Award in 2020 and 2021. As a family, SMUCC continues to strive toward artistic excellence!
SMUCC performs a wide repertoire of songs, ranging from 16th century choral standards to modern day pop. We weave together notes, rhythms, and harmonies as one musical family no matter what we sing. Empowered by a strong sense of belonging, the Alumni often rejoin rehearsals after graduation for the simple joys of life - the chance to sing and perform.

Besides school-led productions like ACF Glam Night and SMU Arts Festival, the Choir also performs annually in a concert titled Wrinkles in The Air (WITA). The most recent instalment of WITA was in May 2022. At WiTA XIII: Reverie the choir performed to a live audience after 2 years of pandemic restrictions were lifted.

The Choir also participates in community outreach programs. In 2020, the Choir spearheaded an exchange program with the Silver Stars at the Kelantan Residents’ Corner after performing with them in the 2019 'Arts with Heart' initiative, supported by the Central Singapore CDC. During the Christmas season, the Choir takes up caroling gigs, bringing the joy of Christmas to those around, and creating a lasting impact on the community. 





7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Classroom / SOE ACC

Classroom / SOE ACC

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Who conducts regular training for the club?
Cultural Medallion winner Jennifer Tham and SMUCC Founder Kenny Khoo conduct regular training for SMUCC. Jennifer is the Artistic Director of the SMU Chamber Choir while Kenny Khoo is our resident conductor.
Jennifer has been with the Choir since its formation, directing our artistic growth, conducting us at home and aboard, and enabling our musicianship. She is best known as a trained composer and the conductor of the SYC Ensemble Singers. A self-professed life-long learner, she is still discovering new ways of teaching and making music. She loves the entire spectrum of music from the “avant-garde” to feel-good pop and musical theatre. 

Kenny Khoo is one of the founding members of the Choir. Working closely with Jennifer, he continues to advance its mission and vision, guiding the team to infinity and beyond. Since 2017, Kenny has led the Choir in performances and competitions, most recently at our annual production: Wrinkles in the Air XIII: Reverie.


What kind of pieces do we learn and perform?
We sing the full spectrum of choral music—from 16th century choral standards to modern day pop. As a diverse group of music-makers from different backgrounds, we love to explore different genres, learning about other worlds through different types of music and languages.

What kind of commitment do we expect from members?
We meet twice a week on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings to perfect our craft. We aim to continuously improve our musicianship and techniques every practice, so attendance at both rehearsals is ideal. When nearing performances or productions, rehearsal timings may be extended and additional sectionals on Thursdays from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm may be added.

What makes SMU Chamber Choir a favorable place to be?
We welcome anyone—with or without choir experience or musical background—to become a better version of themselves as a singer, as a member of our choir family. Our trainers and alumni are life coaches, keen to watch you find your voice, grow as a musician, and succeed at life.

What would we love to see from our potential members?
A passion for singing and team spirit are values we love to see from our potential members. While prior choral experience is preferable, we welcome committed individuals with no musical background who wish to learn choral singing.

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