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SMU Ivory Keys is SMU’s very own piano ensemble club that unites students from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for piano music, regardless of genre. We play solos, accompaniment, 4-hand duets, trios, concertos and many more! SMU Ivory Keys aims to provide a platform to refine their skills, enhance their showmanship and promote a greater appreciation for piano music within the SMU community.

Since its founding in 2007, SMU Ivory Keys has been organising piano concerts with collaborations with other clubs and instruments, such as with Guitarissimo on Patron’s Day 2022. In 2020, SMU Ivory Keys held its annual production at the Esplanade Recital Studio, and its online fundraiser concert ”From Struggle to Victory”. In 2021, SMU Ivory Keys released its 9-part Reminiscence video performance series on YouTube, involving 20 performers playing pieces across pop, classical and anime music.

The club’s current coach is Ms Yeong Lan-Ing, a part-time lecturer with the National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University (NTU), an instrumental tutor at German European School Singapore and the piano ensemble instructor for NTU, Raffles Institution (Junior College), SMU, and Singapore Polytechnic.

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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

SOB Basement Studio

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Do you guys only play classical music?
Nope! Our repertoire thus far includes classical, jazz, pop, movie, anime and video game music – we are looking to expand into new genres as well!

What is the commitment level like at SMU Ivory Keys?

SMU Ivory Keys organises weekly training sessions on Friday afternoons to build members’ musicianship, proficiency in the piano and performing confidence. These alternate between coaching sessions with our coach, Ms Yeong Lan-Ing, and jamming sessions where members gather and tinker at the piano, while engaging in discourse on the music they enjoy playing. Active members must attend at least 50% of the total number of these training sessions held each calendar year, with Performing members expected to clock at least 75%.

On top of training, Performing members are required to perform in at least 3 showcases, while Active members are required to participate in at least 3 showcases, monthly recordings or other major events as a performer, student mentor or student helper yearly. New members of SMU Ivory Keys start as Active members for their first academic year with the club, and will be required to fulfil the requirements to maintain Active membership.

Are auditions required to become an SMU Ivory Keys member?
Nope! However, all new members will need to pay a one-time membership fee of S$10, and you may be required to audition separately to take part in certain school-wide events or represent SMU at external showcases and competitions.

What piano facilities do SMU Ivory Keys members have access to?
There are three upright pianos and one digital piano in the Basement Studio at LKCSB, and one baby grand piano in the Arts & Culture Centre at SOE. SMU Ivory Keys also has 4 keyboards in storage.

Do I have to be super-duper good to join? What if I’m not that good?
That's why we have practice and training! Our coach and music director will help you out, especially for productions and competitions for ensemble works.

Members can also seek advice from their peers, seniors and Exco when they head down to practice as well - all part of our vision to create a community of pianists that help one another improve their musicianship.

Remember that good music doesn't necessarily have to be very complex. Even if you don't have paper qualifications, that’s okay! What we are looking for is a love for music, the willingness to practice and learn, and the desire to express yourself through music.

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