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SMU Malay Language & Cultural Club (MLCC) aims to create a greater awareness and appreciation of our arts while cultivating strong bonds within the community, in and out of SMU. We have two performing arts wings - Rentak and Persadamu.

Rentak is the only Malay percussion ensemble at the tertiary level. Under the guidance of Singapore’s prominent Malay performing artists, members will learn about different Malay instruments and their various playing styles. Throughout the year, members also get multiple opportunities to perform in and out of SMU!

Persadamu is our biennial theatre production through which members bring to light pertinent issues found within the Malay community. It is a ground-up initiative of student-led teams with mentorship from distinguished figures in the Malay arts scene. You will get to learn the ins and outs of a production - acting, scriptwriting, producing, stage management and more!

Aside from our performing arts wings, MLCC also organises a multitude of bonding events such as movie night, outdoor events, arts workshops, and educational talks!




Monday & Wednesday

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Meetings and training days would be based on the event schedule.

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How do I sign up to
become a member?

As a Malay and/or Muslim undergraduate, you are automatically entitled to the MLCC membership! You do, however, have to register if you would like to join our cultural wings - Rentak & Persadamu. Stay tuned to our social media to be updated on our recruitment calls! 

What is the commitment like for Rentak?
Rentak has practice sessions twice a week. If we have special events coming up, the number of sessions might increase!

How do I become an active member of MLCC?

An active member is a member that actively participates in our club activities. Active member benefits through updated CCA records, welfare drive priority and more!

To be considered an active member, you must attend at least 3 events in a year OR be a part of MLCC's Executive Committee OR be a member of at least one of the two wings - Rentak/ Persadamu.

Can I join both wings?
Sheeeeesh - We love to see an active member! Yes, you can join both wings!

What is the commitment like for Persadamu?
Persadamu is a summer commitment & show dates are usually in August.

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