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Established in 2008, Ballare is SMU’s standard ballroom dance club, specializing in five genres - Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz and Tango. Ballare has won numerous awards in both local and international Dancesport competitions. The club strives to provide a platform for anyone who desires to dance and be part of a family of passionate dancers.


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SMU Ballare has since won accolades in numerous notable local and international Dancesport competitions.


Apart from competitions, Ballare holds annual productions as a platform for our dancers to showcase their talents. We also organise cohesions during festive periods, such as Ballaroween (Halloween event), Chinese New Year dinner, Valentine's Day Workshops and so on.

Beginner Class


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Q1. Do I need to have any dance experience?

A1. There is no need to have any prior dance experience and we do not conduct auditions. In fact, most of our members did not have any dance experience upon joining us! Our mission is to make ballroom a part of everyone’s life, and we believe that anyone can enjoy ballroom dancing.

Q2. Do I need to join with a partner?

A2. No, everyone will get an equal opportunity to pair up with a dance partner. At beginners level, we encourage our dancers to dance with all available partners. Our instructor will advise on your partnership but fret not as your opinions will be taken into consideration when we assign the partnerships.

Q3. Who conducts the training?

A3. Our students at advanced levels conduct the Friday training for the beginner batch. In addition, our dance instructor, Melyvn Low, 15th time undefeated South East Asian Champion, conducts Saturday training for all levels.

Q4. What is the attire?

A4. T-shirt with long pants. You will eventually get to own proper dance apparel and ballroom shoes at a highly subsidised price! You get to wear beautiful ball gowns (girls) and tailcoats (guys) for our competitions and performances.

Q5. What will you gain from joining us?

A5. Ballroom dancing experienceA unique and fun experience in learning a dance that’s rarely offered elsewhere! CompetitionOther than learning how to dance, you also get the chance to compete locally and internationally, as we have multiple competitions throughout the year. ProductionYou can partake in our annual productions as well, where you can take on secondary roles from event planning, choreography, operations to marketing. We welcome everyone into our SMU Ballare family!

Senior Level (By Level)

Date, venue and timing of regular meetings / trainings per week:

I wanted to try something different which was out of my comfort zone and learn something unique and fun. Ballroom dancing was what stood out to me the most as it brought me out of my shell and taught me that anyone can dance.


 If you aren't afraid to try something new and want to be part of a family, join our Ballare family now!- Shubhasheesh Prakash (Year 1, AY2020/2021)

I knew absolutely nothing about ballroom and had zero dance background prior to university. Not only is this dance sport fun and challenging, the people here are 10/10! The bond between members, instructors, and alumni is amazing and it really feels like we’re all just one big family! :) 


So if you’re wondering what new and exciting club to join to colour your uni life, SMU Ballare is definitely one you should try out for! Hope to see you on the dancefloor! 💃😊 -Cheng Yuan Ling (Year 2, AY2020/2021)