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Established in 2004, SMU Caderas Latinas is SMU's premier salsa performance team. The club aims to consistently build on past triumphs, both local and international. Besides its numerous competitive achievements, Caderas is a prominent feature of SMU's arts scene, bringing passion and vibrancy to school events like Patrons' Day, AYOC, and their annual flagship production Bailamos. 

Fostering a close-knit family of students through dance, SMU Caderas Latinas is an exemplar of student life in this university.


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SMU Caderas Latinas is the proud host of our annual flagship event - BAILAMOS, a large-scale production showcasing some of the best dance performances that local salsa teams have to offer, interwoven with a gripping storyline. We also hold annual workshops like Caderas 101, promoting salsa to the SMU undergraduate population.

SMU Caderas Latinas also organises and hosts Una Noche Solamente - our club’s largest social dance event that is open to SMU students and the public. A themed night of revelry, it’s a great opportunity to interact with fun-loving dancers from all around Singapore!

Freshies can look forward to becoming part of a committed team, gaining a deep appreciation of dance skills like body awareness, muscle isolation, and musicality, while participating in multiple performances. Competitive opportunities include both Singapore and abroad, as enumerated in our awards list. At the end of four years, members will have gained a wealth of experiences in performance, production, and individual expression - and most importantly, a family!

In-school Trainings

Online Training (due to Covid-19)

Date, venue and timing of regular meetings / trainings per week:

Date, venue and timing of regular meetings / trainings per week:

I wanted to try something different which was out of my comfort zone and learn something unique and fun. Ballroom dancing was what stood out to me the most as it brought me out of my shell and taught me that anyone can dance.


 If you aren't afraid to try something new and want to be part of a family, join our Ballare family now!- Shubhasheesh Prakash (Year 1, AY2020/2021)

Caderas has made my school life more vibrant by giving me an avenue to pursue my passion for dance, while always giving me something to look forward to. Though juggling both academics and CCA may be occasionally challenging, it has pushed me to be more effective in time management! - Emma Ng, Junior - School of Law, matriculated 2019.

  • Q1. Are Latin costumes and dancewear flashy/revealing?
    A1. Competition wear is often vibrant to capture attention, but it is entirely up to you.
  • Q2. What is the dress code for training? Do I need to purchase latin heels/shoes for training?
    A2. Any comfortable active/dancewear will do, with latin heels (girls) and shoes (guys). Yes, latin heels/shoes will be required, but don’t worry, there is a range of pricing so you won’t have to break the bank.
  • Q3. What is the level of commitment required for the CCA? Will I be able to cope?
    A3. Newcomers would only attend 2 classes; 1.5hr on Tuesday and 1hr on Saturday.
  • Q4. Do we have fixed partners?
    A4. No, we do not assign fixed partners. We typically rotate partners to allow everyone to learn how to dance with different people. This also promotes flexibility in partnering for competitions, and gives everyone an equal learning opportunity. Of course, we understand that it is natural to have a preferred partner for competitions/performances and we don’t place any rules on this.
  • Q5. Who conducts regular training for the club?
    A5. We have 4 qualified professional latin dance instructors from Aquilia Dance Academy that will guide you every step of the way. They are: 1) Rosario : Principal and main teacher of Aquilia Dance Studio 2) Joy: Certified teacher by United Kingdom Alliance who specialises in basic to advanced techniques and ladies styling 3) Nicolas: Professional competitor and teacher who specialises in on advanced techniques and competitive latin ballroom 4) Azri: Singapore’s top Amatuer Latin Competitor (SBDTA 2018), specialising in adult beginner, styling and performance



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