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Since its inception in 2009, SMU Chinese Orchestra (SMUCO) strives to be a unique orchestra of excellence under the baton of Mr Quek Ling Kiong. The orchestra distinguishes itself through various cross-disciplinary works and creative programming. Other than its annual production, SMUCO has been actively involved in The Purple Symphony (TPS), Singapore’s largest inclusive orchestra.

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Till date, SMUCO has performed in a wide range of performances ranging from university-wide events such as SMU Annual Arts Festival to external gigs with various external parties such as Esplanade.

SMUCO is made up of music enthusiasts whose mission is to promote the appreciation of Chinese Music to the community at-large and at the same time embracing the values of care and compassion. SMUCO prides itself on being a youthful, vibrant and unique Orchestra which has cultivated a refined taste in various music genres and art forms.


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SMUCO has not only been an enriching CCA journey for me so far- it has also been a fulfilling and meaningful learning experience. Because of our unique ensemble structure, we play pieces out of the ordinary- honing our skills as musicians, while also enjoying a tightly-knit musical community. -Gu Jiawen, Marketing Director, Year 2 Business

My student life became more exciting because of SMUCO as it gave me that something to look forward to every week. From staging one-of-the-kind concerts to forging lasting friendships with the special-needs musicians in The Purple Symphony, SMUCO is an eye-opener experience in many ways which cannot be found elsewhere.- Ng Shu Qi, Member of SMUCO, Year 4 Accountancy


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