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about us


To strengthen the Fraternity and to build a vibrant arts presence in the City. 


To rekindle a sense of appreciation for the Arts and Culture, and nurture a collective sense of pride within the Fraternity

Our logo

ACF logo -  BLACK.png


The letter “A” is designed by amalgamating two ‘i’s together (in an upside-down fashion) to represent how the appreciation of and participation in various art forms bring out two different sides of an individual.


In a country so diverse, we aim to instil the importance of appreciating each other’s culture. Hence, the “C” was crafted with the intention of representing a symbol of a magnet, where it connects people from different clubs to unify them as one fraternity.


The equals sign in the middle of the “F” symbolizes how the ‘Arts’ and ‘Cultural’ aspects of our clubs equate to a Fraternity, building onto our tagline, #onefratonefam.

our team

As a governing body, the ACF Management Committee works together with the 22 clubs and the SMU Office of Student Life, supporting the clubs in their promotion and development of their art forms, and looking after their needs and concerns. 

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