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Q1: I do not know much about photography. Can I still join?

A1: Yes, you certainly can! We hold workshops occasionally and are strong advocates of peer learning, so fret not, we will develop your competencies from scratch!

Q2: What are the membership requirements? Are there any benefits for me?

A2: $15 for a membership that is valid till you graduate. You will gain priority to all our events, workshops conducted and access to our materials. 

Q3: What kind of photography do we embark on?

A3: We focus on a wide range of photography, inclusive of film, digital and portraiture. Along the way, if you have any interest for any other genres, feel free to indicate to us and we will see what we have up our sleeves.

Q4: Who conducts regular training for the club?

A4: Our ExCo consists of experienced photographers who are in charge of regular training. They are approachable and more than willing to share their expertise, so don’t hesitate to ask them any burning questions you may have! Check out the portfolios from our club president, Jay, and our community and knowledge director, Jing Yang, here: ;

For more specialised workshops, we collaborate with professional photographers specialising in that field. Currently, we are working with Jasmine Teh, a filmmaker with notable works such as “When The Stars Align” and Leonard Goh, a photojournalist who represented Singapore in the Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers. Previous photographers we collaborated with include Hong Huazheng, overall winner of the Singapore Young Photographer Award 2010 and Alvin Foo, principal of Canon Imaging Academy.

Q5: I am already a commercial photographer, what is in it for me then?

A5: There are many freelance photographers in our club, you will certainly get to meet many like-minded photographers and expand your networks in the local arts scene. You would also have the opportunity of covering major SMU events and being involved in photo exhibitions supported by SMU to further hone your craft and develop your portfolio.


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School: Lee Kong Chian School of Business
SMUSAIC is important in my SMU journey since it has helped me to connect with more passionate people like myself in photography and acted as a great platform to enhance my skills. I cannot wait to meet more people who share the same passion for art! - Dev Sultana, LKCSB

Being in SMUSAIC has allowed me to connect with other photography enthusiasts, learn from experienced industry photographers and refine my photography skills. I found the workshop on cinematic lighting very useful as it introduced me to techniques filmmakers used in production and ways to achieve cinematic lighting in post. - Lois Lek, SCIS

Founded in 2002, SMUSAIC is SMU’s flagship photography club dedicated to promoting photographic literacy, passion, and appreciation for the arts. We are a tight-knit community seeking to hone our crafts through the sharing and learning of insights from one another.


You will be assured of an enriching experience through workshops, photo walks and annual exhibitions. These activities stretch over a medley of photography styles, from studio and street to film and portraiture. 


Our active involvement in SMU’s arts scene over the previous years bear testament to the excellence of our craft. To date, we are playing a part in SMU Arts Festival 2021, be sure to keep an eye on that!   


You do not have to be adept in photography.

We will equip you with the knowledge.


You do not have to possess any camera gears.

We will show you even a phone can do wonders.


If visual arts is your interest, we are your medium.

If visual arts is your passion, we are your calling.


Feel free to contact us for any enquiries. 

We would certainly love to have you onboard with us.


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