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Training sessions are held every Friday from 3:30-6:30pm and go up to twice a week during production seasons! This will start as soon as auditions conclude. Hope to see you there!

StageIT is SMU's official theatre club. Here you'll have the opportunity to explore the different aspects of working in theatre. We get to act, direct, write and produce, all with the support of a close-knit community.

StageIT’s Mission is to create a family where every member feels they have a safe place to express themselves and discover their full potential. Our vision is to expand StageIT’s reach and enable the members to find the value within themselves that they can bring beyond the club. 


Every year, we take part in SMU Arts Festival and put up 2 original productions along with other seasonal events like Valentines’ day.


If you're interested in refining your theatre skills, or if you just want to be a part of a great community; we want you! We welcome ANYONE - regardless of experience level, with the passion for working together with a team.

Date, venue and timing of regular meetings / trainings per week:

"Theater was something I was interested in in highschool but I never had the opportunity to learn more about it so when I saw StageIT, I immediately signed up and although I'm new to theater, I'm learning step by step within this safe space that the club had created." - Noelle; Member: Year 1 (AY 2023-24)

"’Accepting' is the word for StageIt since the club has people from different backgrounds. We have different levels of experience but everyone has a chance to get involved. Everyone here is passionate and willing to get our hands dirty to try out new things, allowing us to learn the most." - Hazel; Honorary General Secretary: Year 1 (AY’ 2023-24)

Q1: Who conducts regular training for the club?
A1: Name of trainer, brief bio and link to profile, if any. (Please clear with the trainer on this)

Q1: How does a theatre club help prepare me for life at SMU?
A1:  At StageIt, training comprises exercises that prepare you for so much more than just acting. They’re instrumental in helping build confidence, communication skills and allows you multiple leadership opportunities. Plus, you’ll meet some great people, which helps in building an exceptional network of theatre enthusiasts! 

Q2: Can I join StageIT, even though I have no theatre experience? 
A2: Yes, you can! Members do not need prior experience, only the thirst to learn and the hunger to create. Our training sessions ensure that you’re equipped with the skills required. As long as you’re committed, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Q3: Acting is not my forte, is StageIt still the place for me? 
A3: That’s the best part about our CCA! There’s something for everyone. We have numerous roles in production which cover aspects of writing, directing, producing, costume, lights, sound and props. 

Q4: What happens in a typical session? 
A4: We conduct exercises that focus on physical and voice warm-ups. We also hold workshops about specific forms of theatre (i.e physical theatre) and other technical tools like script analysis and working on text.

Q5: How many productions does StageIT put up a year and will everyone be involved? 
A5: We put up 1 internal production around March. 1 school-wide performance around September annually along with smaller-scale seasonal events such as V’day and Halloween. Everyone will be involved either as actors or as crew :) 


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