smu arts & cultural fraternity

feel it. live it. love it.

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The SMU Heartbeat. Take a good look, take a good listen, take a good feel.

Dancers in a melange of colours, their graceful movements. The drummer’s heart and drum beating powerfully as one. The feel of energy in the air as each artiste executes his or her movement passionately executes the performance in clockwork precision.

We’re there at every event, injecting life with vivacious performances. We’re there supporting our fellow brothers and sisters, giving them a platform to be seen and heard. We’re there being a voice by students for students, with different media that entertains yet advocates. We’re there cutting through the deafening silence of monotony, adding our mark with you on the canvas that is SMU life.

We’re SMU vibrancy. We’re the SMU heartbeat. We are the Arts and Cultural Fraternity.

Feel it. Live it. Love it.