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Formed in 2007, SMU Chamber Choir (SMUCC) has competed and achieved awards in several music festivals internationally, such as the 2nd Salzburg International Celebration and Choral Competition in 2019 where they received two Gold Diplomas and qualified for its first Grand Prix. Locally, the club also bagged silver awards in the 2018 Singapore International Choral Festival. Apart from its annual production, Wrinkles in the Air, SMUCC also performs in various school events, community outreach programmes and carolling projects.


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Over the years, the Choir has traveled to and received numerous awards in many music festivals around the world. The Choir’s most recent stint was in Salzburg, Austria, with its participation in the 2nd Salzburg International Choral Celebration and Competition last year. The choir attained 2 Gold Diplomas, emerged as Category Winner and a Grand Prix finalist.

In addition to biennial overseas tours, the Choir also performs frequently at various local events such as school exchanges, community outreach programs, carolling projects and an annual Production — Wrinkles in The Air. 

The idea of a family is embraced throughout the history of SMU Chamber Choir. Most singers in the Choir stay as part of the family after graduation, train together with undergraduates, and participate in all productions - for the sole enthusiasm for singing with a sense of belonging.

Date, venue and timing of regular meetings / trainings per week:


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SMU Chamber Choir has been like a second family to me, and I have really enjoyed the many performances, competitions and practices that we went through together. It was great seeing so many of us working so hard towards our goal and creating a new legacy for SMU Chamber Choir. 

(By Timothy Lim, Year 3 LKCSB)

“It’s always a different choir”. Maybe it’s a different song or different combination of people - that’s the beauty of being in SMU Chamber Choir. I learnt that there is “no same 2nd chance” and this constantly reminds me to always do my best.

(By Petrina Phua, Alumnus)


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