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Date, venue and timing of regular meetings/trainings per week

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SMU VOIX is SMU’s official acappella group, using the power of the human voice to reimagine modern music. The versatile style of singing without instrumental accompaniment brings SMU VOIX everywhere from XOXO Valentine’s Day dedications in the classrooms all the way to the big stage at their annual Do You A Cappella production.

SMU VOIX has successfully defended their title in the A Cappella Championships 2019, emerging as 3-time national champions in the Open Category.

“VOIX has allowed me to find friends with a common passion, giving me a sense of identity and belonging. The strong friendships that I have forged continue to bring meaningfulness and joy to my university life.” – Chin Jing Xian, SMU LKCSB Year 3 (AY 18/19)

You can expect a culture that emphasizes fun alongside the passion for outstanding performances. We embrace change and are bold in challenging status quo. We brand ourselves as a trendy and cool group that dares to be different.


Key events:
February – XOXO Valentine’s Day Dedication 

March – SMU VOIX showcase 

July – A Cappella Championships 

September – Do You A Cappella (DYAC) annual production + Freshmen intake
October – VOIX camp + Exco elections

November – Annual General Meeting
December – Christmas Carolling (tbc)

Every Monday & Thursday (compulsory) 

7.30pm - 10.30pm



10am – 1pm 

*- Additional only for performance preparation/when necessary

 “I auditioned for VOIX despite having no prior musical background, which was intimidating. I am glad I did as I was welcomed with open arms and met many talented people with passion for music, exposing me to the arts culture I have never experienced before, while making great friends along the way.” – Joswara Yun Chang, SMU SIS Year 2 (AY 19/20)



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Q1: Do I need to have singing experience/choir background to join SMU VOIX?

A1: Nope! Everyone is welcomed to come down for auditions and be part of the club! ☺ 


Q2: What kind of songs does VOIX sing?

A2: We cover a wide range of genres from pop music to songs from musicals


Q3: I have a passion for singing, but I have stage fright if asked to perform in front of an audience.

A3: Most of our members do not have stage experience and some of them even came from sports CCA! We’ll all be going through the same journey together and don’t worry, even the most experienced singers still get the jitters sometimes!


Q4: Who will be conducting our regular trainings?

A4: Our vocal coach is Wendy Tan (Wendy), a qualified music teacher who graduated from the Trinity College of London. She is also an Advanced Level Vocal Coach under the Institute of Vocal Advancement USA.  With 40 years of combined musical and coaching experience, Wendy’s advanced knowledge in vocal pedagogy and musical styles has proven to deliver quick and lasting results in vocal competency and performing skills. Some of the works she was involved in as a vocal coach include: 

  • New Creation Church Virtual Choir Project(May 2020) 

  • Rriley’s Single “Burn” (2019) 

  • Child Aid 2018 ( Singapore Press Holdings, 2018)  

  • The Forbidden City (2017) 

  • The Sam Willow’s TakeHeart SG Tour (2016) 

Our choreographer is Gino Flordeliza Babagay (Gino) who has worked numerous projects with local artistic and commercial companies such as Wildrice, Dream Academy, Mediacorp and Cake theatre. Apart from being a full-time choreographer involved in works such as “Emperor’s New Clothes”, "Crazy Christmas 2019" and Sam Willows’ both “Take Heart” music video, Gino is also a freelance dancer, involving himself in events both locally & internationally. Some of his credits include:

Army Daze (2012, 2015 & 2017), Ah Boys to Men: The Musical (2014) and La Cage Aux Folles (2017).
International dance credits: World Expo (Kazakhstan, 2017), Christmas Magic China tours (2013-2019) and other events sending him to countries like Vietnam, Brunei, Australia and USA. 


We also have an elected Music Director and Creative Director respectively in every batch to help with the trainings!

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